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As a result of the technical development of the recent years and the focus shifting towards environment consciousness, the explosive spreading of electric cars – as a means of transport - may be expected in the near future. The specialist engineers of Elektro Profi developed several different electric car charger types providing options for refuelling the cars that have green registration plates.
These chargers are user friendly, and they provide feedback to their users on the charging status of their battery. Since the charging of the battery of an electric car is time demanding (it requires more time than a traditional refuelling), therefore it is practical to install the electric car charging columns near office buildings, shopping centres and other service providing facilities. If someone would like to install his own charger in his own home, or garage, installing a wall electric fast charger or an electric lightning charger is an ideal option. Each e-charging station may be installed both indoors and outdoors, and their use is simple and completely safe.
In addition to their technical capabilities, the e-chargers produced by Elektro Profi have two additional important features:

  • the manufacturer undertakes a 2-year guarantee for each electric car charger that is manufactured by it,
  • contrary to most of the electric devices, the protective case of the below listed electric car chargers were designed by the engineers in a way that it filters out most of the electro-smog (e-smog). Installing them within a residential place is risk-free!
The types of our electric car chargers
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