Solutions provided by electric engineers,
whenever the issues require professional expertise
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We - at Elektro Profi - firmly believe that the success of our customers is a joint success.

We are committed to carry out our projects with the aid of the knowledge and experience of our experts:

·         within the shortest time possible
·         with optimal capital return
·         with top quality.

You may count on the responses of the electric engineer team of Elektro Profi in the case of issues of any complexities, on the added value provided by their work.

Customised consulting

Our colleagues stand at the disposal of our customers, already in the phase of planning the investment, as regards business and technical risk analysis, innovation ideas and feasibility studies. We are able to support with indicative and detailed quotations the decision making of our customers.

Designing and programming electric implementation works

Although the preparedness of our company would allow us to prepare complete implementation plans, we order the designing works from independent designing offices co-operating with us, under our leadership.

This co-operation allows us to ensure that designers are available to our customers in the specific specialised areas required, who have appropriate

  • experience,
  • and sufficient language proficiency as well.

The engineers of Elektro Profi have up-to-date knowledge:

  • for programming Siemens, Schneider, Omron, WAGO PLC systems, and
  • for implementing KNX building automation tasks, as requested.

Energy efficiency, complex solutions, energy audit


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