Complex electric industrial solutions from a single source!


We, at Elektro Profi Vállalkozási Kft, do know that in the case of electric industrial investments reliable professional knowledge, implementation carried out without any faults and the application of innovative technologies are the key to success. Our reputation demands us to work according to a high standard in all the areas including electric implementation, consulting, designing, maintenance and the production of distribution equipment.


Only faultless work may leave our hands.

Get acquainted with our activity, entrust your electric industrial investment to real professionals!

Thanks to the dynamic development of our private enterprise that was founded in 1988, the different professional areas became independent, and as a result of this, an entrepreneur venture consisting of 3 companies was established (The “Vállalkozási” [Venturing], the “Kereskedelmi” [Commercial], and the “96 Műszaki Kft.” [96 Technical Ltd]).

The activity of Elektro Profi within the company group is the electric implementation works of different facilities, the manufacturing of distribution equipment. The company employs close to 100 employees, consisting of practically only technical experts, due to the separation of the profiles.

The annual turnover of the company has already surpassed 3 billion HUF by today.

In all the areas of our activities we provide high quality work and services for our partners. Our core objective is to sustain correct and balanced client relations, to extend them and to strengthen them.

Our name and reputation require us to live up to them, and we wish to operate accordingly.


The Elektro Profi received a „NÍVÓ Prize for its high quality operation in year 2015, in the category of “Public Buildings”!


Support for students

Elektro Profi supported the Wesselényi Miklós Technical Vocational Secondary School and Vocational School with seven PLC Starter-Kits in year 2017. Through this it offered an excellent opportunity for the students for getting acquainted with the automating devices that are used today, and thus to establish the basis of the up-to-date level of their future professional expertise.

Assistance for the victims of floods

Elektro Profi - through joining the Forum of the National Co-operation of Forwarders [Nemzeti Összefogás Fuvarozói Fórum] established under the leadership of the Wáberer’s Holding - contributed to the rebuilding of Felsőzsolca that was struck by a flood. As a result of the donation provided by the enterprise eight families could move into their new homes in the residential park that was built within an outstandingly short period, within 30 days.

Our company installed the entire electric network of the residential park with the involvement of 15 experts.


Two semi-detached houses were built on each of the two parcels of one thousand square meters each that were supplied with public utilities and which were provided free of charge by the Local Government of the Town of Felsőzsolca. In each parcel they established four full comfort apartments. The homes of larger floor-areas consist of one living room and two half-rooms, as well as a kitchen and a bathroom and a separate lavatory, while the smaller ones have a single room with kitchen and bathroom. On the parcels green parks were established by planting trees, and one playground was also built in line with the EU standards, in addition to this, there is a small garden in front of each apartment.

Habitat for Humanity, Hungary

This Foundation was established in 1996, and their objective is to allow each person, each family and each child to live in a decent and sustainable home.

We joined their “First a decent home” [Elsőként Lakhatást] programme launched in 2014. In the framework of this programme the Foundation renovates local government apartments, and they help homeless people and families living in transitional homes, in getting an apartment.

We support the establishment of the new homes by making available the electric fitting materials that are used in these apartments.

Public Foundation "For the lives of the people of Dunaújváros” [Dunaújvárosiak Életéért] (donation for István Pecsét)

There is a young diplomaed 28-year old person living in Dunaújváros, who has been sick with the Chron disease since the age of 15. He had a liver transplantation in November 2014. Subsequently biliary and lymph node cancer attacked his body.

István Pecsét started his fight with his disease alone. Based on the invitation of our partner company, we also joined the collection of the money that was needed for his recuperation, in order to allow him to focus exclusively on recuperation in the future.

István has been in China already for close to four months by now. The time he spent in the FUDA centre located in Guangzhou was not in vain.

Supported institutions

The Elektro Profi supports the following institutions and social organisations:

  • Budapest Center of Technical Vocational Training
  • Wesselényi Miklós Vocational Secondary School

The experts of the future have been getting opportunities for years in our fitting workshop for applying their theoretical knowledge in practical life.

We are proud that we select the prizes donated for the winners of the study contests of the vocational secondary school from tools and assets that will be useful for the students in the course of their future work.

We consider it to be a real success that after completing their studies some students find their workplace ensuring their livelihood at our company, and they strengthen our team with their fresh knowledge.


H-1148 Budapest, Fogarasi út 2-6.

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