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The service team of ELEKTRO PROFI does not abandon its partners even after the handing over of the project. Our service team is equipped with the most modern devices, service cars, and it reacts as a “fast commando” upon the reported defects.


We issue an expert opinion on maintenance we do, supported with a detailed report on the condition of the equipment of the Customer, and we make recommendations concerning the preventive maintenances and replacements required.

24-hour availability

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Thermal camera

During our maintenance works we prepare thermal photos and thermal camera tests of the electric systems, distribution cabinets, with the aid of which the abnormal temperature rises, the operation or implementation defects may be made visible and presented on images, still before they would cause any more significant problems.

The test may be done with a non-destructive procedure, during operation, under operation conditions, as a result of this, the times of the maintenances and repairs may be planned and optimised, through which the lifetime of the equipment may be increased, and the operation costs can be cut. We issue an expert opinion on the condition of the equipment, supported by the detailed report of the test. We make recommendations as regards the preventive repairs and replacements needed.


You may save time, energy and money by using our services!


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