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Elektro Profi Vállalkozás Kft. is focusing on research and development. With the knowledge and experience of our colleagues, we are trying for to find innovative solutions to meet the needs of our partners to help them achieve their business targets.
In order to effectively carry out our activities, we maintain close ties with technical colleges and universities, thus providing youthful impetus and new solutions.


E-mobility became the symbol of environment consciousness, climate protection and sustainable development by our days. The e-cars decrease the emission of harmful materials and the particulate matter load of air. E-mobility, the electric car plays an important role in developing our future, in respect of the issues of sustainable development.

Elektro Profi offers fast and lightning charging equipment that were developed by its colleagues and which meet all the demands, and its offers are accompanied by comprehensive services (consulting, installation and maintenance).


When designing our chargers, we always took into consideration the evolution of the electric vehicles!

Demand side regulations (DSM)

The DSM (Demand-Side Management) actually covers the management of the energy needs. Due to the fact that according to our current knowledge it is not possible to store electric energy on industrial scale, it is necessary to keep production and consumption in balance.


On the right-side diagram, the blue colour indicates real consumption, the green colour indicates the forecast (estimated) consumption, while between the red lines there is the tolerance band.


The purpose of the DSM system is to keep the actual consumption with a band that is defined in advance. It is possible to achieve this through online monitoring and immediate interventions.


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