„A target without a plan is only a dream”
careful preparation required
Services >>> Electric implementation (heavy and weak currents)

The successful, well documented and penalty free implementation of an electric industrial investment done by Elektro Profi is guaranteed by the following,

·         harmonised team work,
·         experienced project managers, who speak foreign languages,
·         innovative fitting manager team, and
·         a reliable electric fitting team.

One may talk about good quality work done by the deadline even in the area of building electricity only if the quality of the materials used is faultless. Elektro Profi uses only qualified equipment in the course of its work.


What guarantees this? The several decades of relationship we have with our suppliers. In the case of new suppliers, their engagement is the result of a very thorough monitoring work.

Building electricity

Building automation

Today there is already no building without “intelligence”. Building automation is an integral part of each newly built building.
Our company provides comprehensive services for its partners with the contribution of our specialist engineers in the area of building automation as well – from designing up to implementation, including the software related works as well.
With our systems we ensure the most efficient energy management of the buildings, which significantly contributes to the significant decreasing of the operation costs.
In the case of existing buildings, we are able to provide an accurate picture on the energy use of the buildings by installing measuring and data collecting systems.

Industrial automation

Industrial automation is an important part of the implementation activities.
In the case of industrial facilities, the technological processes demand more complex professional knowledge specialised on this area.

We are proud that our colleagues are open and receptive in this area as well, and thanks to this we hand over year-by-year an increasing number of projects without any defects and deficiencies in this area also (e.g. Hot Water Boiler Plant of the Dunamenti Power Plant, Cereal Processing Fermenting, Alcoholic Tank Park, and Daily Tank Park).
Our complex and comprehensive services are guaranteed by the fact that the PLCs are installed, programmed by us. We provide comprehensive services for solving any problems from a single source, to our highly esteemed Customers.


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