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The main activity scope of the Equipment Producing Division is to produce low voltage switching, distribution and control equipment. We design and produce these devices with taking into consideration the Hungarian and the international standards and provisions. In the course of fitting, we apply up to the utmost all those technologies – that had been tested and proven primarily in the developed industrial countries – which allow the production of products of outstanding qualities. When selecting the devices and other fitting materials that will be installed, we prefer the reliable and widely known items, but we are also ready to carry out the unique requests of our Customers as well. Essentially, we are open to all novel solutions, however, we do accept only those solutions that are certified by tests.


We implement the tests of the individual equipment items according to the relevant standards and provisions. We are equally strict on the occasion of these tests both as regards the performances of the suppliers and ourselves as well. As requested by our Customers, we implement the tests in their presence or in front of their assigned representative in order to strengthen trust by this act as well, the trust you offer us by placing your order. Based on our experiences – with appropriate and planned preventive maintenance – our equipment serve our Customers for decades.


According to the philosophy of our management, the certification documents of the quality management system would have no value together with the tests and the test reports, if our operating equipment would not prove day-by-day the reliability and the excellent quality of our products.

For us the most important evidence is: the increasing trust of our Customers.

Production of distribution equipment

The SEN Plus type-examined low voltage switching equipment product line is a product family of outstanding importance, which we produce on the basis of the licence of the GENERAL ELECTRIC Power Controls company.

With this system, which is often used in the developed industrial countries, it is possible to prepare complete drawer-based motor starting equipment (MCCs). The high technical quality and the high reliability is achieved in addition to diligent development, through type-examinations that cover even the smallest details. These devices, combined with heavy current switching elements (PCC) are the most modern and the most up-to-date systems.


The switching, controlling and distribution equipment fitted by us prove - with excluding all the doubts - through tests that they provide outstanding safety for the operator staff, even under the most critical circumstances.


Production of drawer distribution cabinets

Elektro Profi undertakes the production of heavy current distribution cabinets up to 3200 A with flexible deadlines, in excellent quality.


The equipment we produce may be made on the basis of designs that are provided by our customers, or on the basis of product designs prepared by us based on the technical requirements in line with the provisions of standard MSZ EN 61439.

Our production preparing staff use the most modern designing software (AutoCAD, WsCAD, Eplan).


For our projects we use the products of Schneider Electric, Rittal, Siemens, ABB, and Legrand.

The Elektro Profi is a special fitting partner of Schneider Electric Zrt.


Production of automating equipment

Assembling and fitting different control cabinets, digital, analogue and relay systems represents a significant part of our production.

Our customers are pleased to use our distribution systems for industrial and building automation, thanks to their high reliability.


In line with the demands of our customers we also undertake the installation and programming of the PLC controls and the KNX systems that are installed into the equipment we produce.


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